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Forest Power Cards “Forest Meditations”

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Forest Meditations cards will enhance your walk in nature, whether you live under a forest or near a city park. Treat yourself to a moment of deep relaxation and renew your bond with nature! You can invite your whole family to share the experience (children will love discovering more illustrations and doing related activities). Simply take your set, sit comfortably under a tree, take a few breaths and draw the first card

The Forest Meditations set includes:

Thirty-five beautifully illustrated cards (8x12cm) by  polish artist Aleksandra Świder,
– A sturdy 80-page booklet with instructions for each card and suggestions for working with the set,
– A cotton bag to carry the cards and the booklet,
– All of these things are packed in a box.

The Forest Meditations cards are also intended as a tool for teachers, psychologists, coaches and
anyone interested in working with symbols, metaphors and nature.

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